Howdy, folks and folkettes!

Je m'appelle Kuschi 'S.C.' Kuschnerus - people tend to call me Kusch, Kuschnator or simply $%&#!!!

A freelancing drummer, songwriter, lead & backing vocalist, topliner and trilingual wordsmith I'm also co-founding member of German-Korean rock acts AND THEN SHE CAME and Krypteria.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to perform on a ton of music-related productions over the course of my career, and so far my vocal and percussive works appear on quite a number of millions of sold units, which still amazes me to this day (if only I had a dime...).

Music has taken me to places such as Latin America and the United States all the way to East Asia, and I've performed at some of the sexiest live events in the world like the ginormous Wacken Open Air, Graspop Metal Meeting, M'era Luna, the Expo/Korea, and China's Xi Hu Music Festival only to name a few.

Besides my regular activities as songwriter, lyricist, drummer and vocalist for bands such as AND THEN SHE CAME I appeared as a singer/actor in numerous leading roles in high-profile musical productions such as Peter Maffay's "Tabaluga & Lilli" as well as "Falco meets Amadeus", working stages in Germany and Austria - what an experience!

In 2012 I was hired to spend a major part of 2013 on the road drumming for a German pop/rock act by the name of F.R.E.I. and played arenas and stadiums alongside the likes of Unheilig and Pur.

2015 saw the arrival of AND THEN SHE CAME which might well be the most exciting band I've ever been a part of - in 2016 we released both our debut album and a full concert live DVD.

After hundreds and hundreds of shows I still love performing live best - being on the road and rockin' out for/with fans and friends to me is the epitome of awesome.

However, I also keep busy doing English/German adaptations for the music, comic book and movie industry, as well as handling production duties for 
renowned festival series like Rockharz Open Air and Summer Breeze, and international music acts such as Arch Enemy, Dirkschneider, W.A.S.P. and others.

Plus, I've worked as a vocal and performance coach, with some of my clients receiving platinum and gold records as well as a total of three ECHO-awards - and I'm always up for new challenges...

Rock out, everybody, hope to see you on the road asap!





2016: The year of AND THEN SHE CAME - check us out  at

Also, Rock'n'Roll duty is taking me all over Europe again this year. 

Plus, another graphic novel I'm involved has just been released through Panini Comics.

Exciting 2017, too!